My work has been shortlisted for the Janklow & Nesbit Bath Spa Prize, longlisted for the Cambridge Short Story Prize and in the top 10 per cent of Bridport Prize entries.

Here are a few pieces of my published work so far:

s h o r t s t o r y


The village wraps its way around the hill and back down. At the top is a shack, wooden slats painted white and a window thick with condensation. Hanging in the centre is the sign. Casino. Fluorescent and too bright against the open trees and grey sky.

published by the Write Launch

April 2021

f l a s h

The Performance

She runs. For a moment she is flying, a flash of white on the dark stage. She is there and not there. Commanded only by the music. The strings toss her into the air, moving her legs in time with other girls and holding her tight as she falls.

published by Ellipise Zine

December 2020